Contest: Day 4: Trivia

The title of each book Persephone narrates come from her titles. Her titles defined her in mythology. Her role and personality changed with each one. So, one question per book, first right answer on all three wins an ecopy of Iron Queen.

1) Persephone didn’t start out as Persephone. She had another name before she was abducted. What was it, and what did it mean? There are several variations on spelling, I’ll take any of them.

2) Who does the earth and sky bit of the title Daughter of the Earth and Sky refer to? Why do you think it was relevant for that book? That last question is opinion based, so any answer is right.

3) Who called Persephone the Iron Queen. Why?

6 thoughts on “Contest: Day 4: Trivia

  1. 1. I’m going to go with “Kore.”
    2. The daughter of earth and sky, probably references Uranus – as that was – if I remember correctly – the remains that helped Zeus create Aphrodite it your novel. It was probably relevant to the creating of your next trilogy in my opinion. It shows a good place to lead from.
    3. Persephone was called “The Iron Queen” by Odysseus because her throne in the underworld was made of Stygian Iron (though there are a couple story variations).

  2. 1. Kora or Kore
    2. Because she is the daughter of Zeus, lord of the sky, and Demeter, goddess of the earth.
    3. As the queen, she has a throne. And that throne is made out of Stygian Iron.

  3. Enae got it! Kora/Kore/Core means girl in Greek, so essentially Persephone didn’t have a name until she became someone important. Send me a PM with your email and preferred ebook format. Thanks so much everyone for participating! Tomorrow is the big day!

  4. 1.Kore
    2.Her parents are Zeus and Demeter who have control of the sky and earth respectively so they can be considered as the sky and the earth which makes her the daughter of earth and sky.
    3.The title of “iron queen” was given to her by Odysseus because her throne in the underworld was made of stygian iron which is a indestructable metal and it is very strong.It can only be used by deities of the underworld or very powerful beings.

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