Thursday Review: Seeds Volume 3 by M.M Kin


Blurb: The lofty realms of Olympus and the once-fertile land of Hellas are in chaos due to the wrath of a mother gravely affronted. The truth, however unpleasant it is, must be faced. And in the Underworld, Hades must face the repercussions of his actions. Can Persephone ever forgive him?

Persephone must find a way to make her life her own, but that is easier said than done. Caught between two worlds, she will have to make a stand for her destiny…

My Review:
Great end to a great series. The third book is just as strong as the first two. M.M Kin created well researched, detailed settings, wrote fantastic descriptions, and wonderfully complex characters. In particular, the character of Persephone developed amazingly over this series.

She was everything I’d hoped she’d become in the first two books. She became this strong, no-nonsense character that MADE every guilty party answer to every wrong they’d ever committed and possibly some they’d only considered. She grew into her powers, her body, and her confidence. I *really* enjoyed watching all the other characters in this series squirm.

I also thought the very ending, when time moved forward (phrasing carefully to avoid spoilers) was a nice touch. Very interesting take.

The only complaint I have to add, and this really is just me because I happen to like these gods, were the depictions of Ares and Aphrodite. I felt like every other character got super in depth development, but they were both pretty one-dimensional (which in itself is not a problem at all. They are minor characters, actually like sub-minor characters, it’s okay for them not to be developed, sometimes the pizza man is just the pizza man, you know? And there are a ton of books out there that *really* could have improved by letting the pizza man just be the pizza man) But they were one dimensional unfriendly characters. Aphrodite was pretty and shallow, Ares was violent and blustering. I just wanted more to them. Mythologically, they’re fascinating. Aphrodite was pretty and confident and embraced her sexuality in an era that *really* didn’t encourage women to do that. Ares was the god of war, that pretty much never won a single fight, was dumb enough to get stuck in a jar for a year, and is one of *the* only (greek version only) gods who not only didn’t rape women, but actively hunted down and destroyed rapists. But, I know there’s more in the works in this world so there’s still hope to see some major depth from these characters. I’m absolutely going to read anything that’s put out in this universe, because M.M Kin is a research queen. I’m really excited to see where this goes next.

In short, this was everything I could have hoped for ending this series. I can’t wait to see where this author goes next.

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