For Real Friday: Letting Go


The Orpheus Myth is easily one of the sweetest in Greek Mythology. You’ve got a devoted husband willing to do whatever it takes to save his wife. But one often overlooked fact is that his wife was past saving. She wasn’t injured and waiting on a cure, she died and had found her place in the Underworld when Orpheus came and tried to bring her back to the living realm.

Like the Persephone myth, we never get Eurydice’s perspective here. Was she hopeful? Devastated when Orpheus glanced back at her? Would she have wanted him to risk everything to bring her back? Unlike the Persephone myth, I don’t have an issue with her lack of perspective because it makes the myth all the more realistic. When we lose someone, our thoughts and desperation and wishing for their return is one sided. We can speculate on what they would want us to do, but we’ll never know. Grief is for the living. Letting go isn’t about the other person, it’s about coming to terms with your own feelings.

He’d gone through hell for her, literally, only to mess up at the last second. I closed my eyes. Poor Orpheus.

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