Way Back Wednesday: Orpheus

Outside of Dante and Beatrice, I could only think of one modern day Orpheus retelling that could have influenced my perception of Orpheus growing up. What Dreams May Come.

In What Dreams May Come, Chris dies near the beginning of the movie and goes to heaven, his wife suffers from extreme grief and depression, and she ends up killing herself. In a controversial move, the movie declared all suicides go to hell, and Chris must venture through hell to reunite with his wife.

It was an intense movie, and honestly, I don’t remember if I liked it or not, I was pretty young. However, I do remember when my best friend told me about this super sad myth she’d heard in school one day, I immediately thought of this movie.

Another major influence on the way I reimagined the Orpheus myth is my friends telling of it. I can still remember gripping my cordless phone and listening as Kelly described Eurydice stumbling and Orpheus glancing back at her without thinking of it. She really captured the “oh-no” moment in it all and that myth stuck with me for over a decade.

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