Way Back Wednesday: Dreamwalking


Dreamwalking was a thing long before I wrote Persephone. Here’s a few examples of Dreamwalking that I grew up with. Can you think of any to add to the list?


Roswell was my very first introduction to the concept of dream walking, so I’m sure it heavily inspired my idea of what dreamscapes looked like. One of the characters, Isabel could walk into people’s dreams if she had a picture of them. She pretty much could only observe and wasn’t noticed by the dreamer.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Creepiest horror concept ever. Definitely inspired the darker side of my dream walking.

The Wheel of Time series

The Wheel of Time series had a pretty interesting concept for dream walking. There was a neutral dreamscape called a dream world that most dream walkers hung out in. But if someone dreaming felt intensely about the dream walker they could be pulled into dreams, and within those dreams they were vulnerable to the dreamers.

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