Way Back Wednesday: Awesome Dads


Unlike children who grew up on Greek Myths, the media had no shortage of amazing father figures when I was little. Here are a few of my three favorites in no particular order.

Hank Hill

He’s not the brightest crayon in the box and it’s kind of hysterical how much children mystify him, but he just seemed like a really good man.

Red Foreman

At first I kind of hated him and thought he was verbally abusive, but he grew on me.

Mr. Feeny.

Mr. Matthews belongs on this list too, but Mr. Feeny was an amazing father figure/grandfather figure/teacher on that show. He was magical and amazing. I can prove it.

Picture this, it’s my sophomore year in high school and I’m taking American History. The teacher pops in an incredibly boring looking movie about the declaration of independence. Everyone is staring down at their desks not so subtly playing on phones, or reading, or doing homework for other classes. And then, all at once we hear a familiar voice.

“MR. FEENY!” Comes the collective shrieking of every person in the class. Instantly riveted. Literally. The entire class.

That is how powerful Mr. Feeny is.

Who is your favorite fictional dad?

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