For Real Friday: Dads are not inept at parenting

Seriously, this trend of the idiot, useless, hopeless without his wife to help him, dad needs to die. It’s damaging to both genders.

For starters, it adds to the superwoman mythos. Mom has to do everything because Dad is incapable of helping. Also, Mom should settle for a braindead idiot despite the fact that she looks like a super model and is literally the only thing keeping her family going. Seriously TV Moms, raise your standards.

Secondly, it’s damaging to men. It perpetuates this myth that once men become fathers and leave the glory days behind they become useless. That they can’t take on parenting roles and that they are somehow less of a parent than Mom is.

My husband is absolutely an equal partner in raising my daughter. But he gets praise for taking my daughter to the park. My husband is absolutely an equal partner in raising my daughter, but he gets critiqued for requesting her birthday off or making the time to be there for ballet recitals.

Dads are not idiots. And this father’s day, let’s remember that.

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