Movie Monday: Christmas Movies

Want to get in the Holiday spirit? Here are the  Christmas movie I watch every year without fail.

While You were Sleeping


I love this one. It’s so sappy and romantic. It’s the perfect holiday film. I remember wanting to adopt Sandra Bullock. I was six. That’s how well she pulled off acting cute and lonely.

Love Actually


The Christmas chick flick to end all Christmas Chick Flicks. I love the way all the plots come together.

Rise of the Guardians


Also works great as an easter movie. Seriously though, this is a really good cartoon. I can watch this one over and over again. Which is good, given my six year old who also loves it.




Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer


It must be watched every Christmas. No matter what. Sure, it’s kind of painful to sit through,but it’s a classic. This year I’m going to see it at the Center for Puppetry Arts, so hopefully that will help.


The Santa Clause


Just the first one. But it’s a great Christmas movie.



This movie should irritate the life out of me, but it doesn’t. It’s well on its way to becoming a classic, and it’s kind of cool to have been around when a classic was in theaters.

Any made for TV holiday movie I saw growing up


Whenever I can find them, I watch them. My favorites were the one about the mannequin coming to life to be the girls new mom and the Groundhog day one about Christmas. The new ones I don’t like as much. But that’s because I didn’t grow up with them.

Any Christmas episode of any show I watch


It’s fun to watch my favorite characters do Christmasy things! Particularly when there’s a dark twist on it (Buffy was always good at that).

What gets you in the mood for the holidays?



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