Writing on Wednesday: Deleted Scene



Here’s a deleted scene from Aphrodite. Enjoy!

Adonis didn’t take long to get ready. When room service arrived, I grabbed a strawberry and sat opposite Adonis at the table.
“About last night—” I began

“I’m sorry about what I said, it was way over the line. I know the Poseidon thing isn’t my business.” He shrugged. “I mean, you’re a goddess, you can take care of yourself, and if you can’t, well it’s out of my league, right?”
“Yeah.” I managed to smile at him. “I mean, I appreciate your concern, but—”
“Poseidon could kill me with a thought and that wouldn’t help you.” He took a bite of a strawberry. “I don’t like it. But I get it. Honestly, that’s part of the reason I hate gods. I don’t like feeling powerless. Well, that, and I’m not much for their moral code.”
Like we only had one. I toyed with my fork, fighting back a wave of irritation at the way he lumped us all together.
The alarm on Adonis’ phone chirped. “Oh crap!” He took another quick bite of eggs and downed the rest of his smoothie. “Come on, we’re going to be late.”
“Kind of seems par for the course with you.” I pointed out, following him to the stairwell.

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