If the Daughters of Zeus were Disney Princesses

I’m sure one of these lists has been done for Greek goddesses, but not my version of the Greek goddesses from the Daughters of Zeus series. So why not join in on the fun?

These are my characters, represented by disney princesses.



Small and fluffy, but mighty. I probably was channeling a good bit of Tangled while I wrote Persephone. Persephone was also kept from the world she belonged in by a deceptive (though considerably more well-intentioned) parent. She dove into that world with bravery and determination, even though it frightened her. She mastered powers that would otherwise be used to control her. Plus she’s all about sunshine and flowers. Rapunzel makes the perfect Persephone.


This one was too easy. A redhead that emerged from the sea who is completely new at this whole acting human thing? She uses bad guys as a means to an end, trusts people way too fast, and has a fiery temper. The Little Mermaid is absolutely the best disney princess to represent Aphrodite.



This is probably the biggest stretch,  but hear me out. Belle is book smart, but not that great with people. If you take her romance with the Beast completely out of the equation, she’s a perfect Athena.



Artemis was tough. I kept wanting to cast her as Merida because of the arrows and the aversion to marriage, but she’s so much more kick-but than that. So consider her a cross between Merida and Mulan.

largeHelen of Troy

Plagued by powers she doesn’t understand and can’t control, used as a scapegoat for a political takeover, fiercely pragmatic and more than a little sad, Elsa is a perfect Helen of Troy. I do wish mine had gotten a better ending.





And of course, I can’t forget these guys


Which disney character would you cast as your favorite god or goddess?


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