Writing on Wednesday: Immortal’s Spring

Immortal's Spring cover high res 600 x 900

Writers read, so on occasion, my Wednesday writing blogs are going to have book reviews. I don’t review books on my blog often, but I started this series before I adopted that policy and it didn’t feel right now to finish the reviews for such a riveting series. My previous reviews from this series are on the blog, as well as guest posts from the author. Check them out.

Molly Ringle does it again with Immortal’s Spring. This riveting conclusion to her Chrysomelia series had me awake till the wee hours of the morning because I just could not put it down. She did such a great job handling a tangled web of story lines, both in present times and in the past. And she handled the delicate line authors walk when dealing with horrific and crippling grief in a way that didn’t make me want to strangle the character or get annoyed at the author for underplaying it. Her attention to relationships, the ins and outs of friendship, true love, romance, and sister/daughter/motherhood? (it’s really complicated) is really commendable.

As a mythology writer myself, I really appreciate her attention to detail. It’s great fun to read someone else’s take on the convoluted world of mythology. I absolutely recommend Ringle’s series if you enjoyed The Daughters of Zeus series.

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