Tonsillectomy Master Post



Two years ago, my tonsils were taken out, and I blogged about it. Extensively. Why? Well, when I’m worried about something, I deal with it by researching the thing that bothers me to death. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I  read every book on pregnancy and every blog I could find. I took every class offered. It’s how I coped with the terrifying unknown.

There wasn’t much out there on grown-ups getting their tonsils taken out, so I decided to chronicle my recovery so other people like me would have at least a little something more. And man, am I glad I did, because now it’s my daughter’s turn to get her tonsils removed. I’ve been reading over my old post, trying to figure out what to expect and what to buy before tomorrow morning.

That’s when I discovered it’s really hard to navigate old posts. So I’m putting all the posts here in one easy to click on place.

Mostly for my benefit, but hey, it might help someone else out, too. I’ll also be blogging about Bella’s procedure and recovery and adding those links to this posts as I go along. That’ll make it easy to compare and contrast for anyone wondering about the differences in recovery between adult and child.

Adult Tonsillectomy 

The day of the surgery

Day 2

Tonsillectomy Day 3

Tonsillectomy Day 4 and 5

Stopped blogging at this point because all the updates were basically the exact same (throat sore but tolerable in slightly lesser increments) until…

Recovery from Tonsillectomy (Day 11)


Child Tonsillectomy

The day of the surgery

Recovery day one and two

Recovery day 3-10


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