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Did you know that you can see exactly where I am on all my writing projects? At the bottom of this page, you’ll see three word count trackers for three different projects I have going right now. I update those trackers at the end of every day. So you’ll always be up to date.

A few disclaimers. With the exception of the third Aphrodite book, none of my projects are trackable via word count right now. Love and War is going through the editing process right now. So I track it by what chapter I’m on (I promise the book is more than 39 words), because that’s a better indicator of where I’m at with that book. When I finish with whichever round of edits I happen to be on (they all blend together at the end), I update with “Waiting on X round of edits.”

Blood and Other Matter is a project that I’m querying right now. Hence the status waiting for queries. There’s not a lot for me to do with that book until I hear back from the agents who have requested the full manuscript. If any of them give me feedback, I’ll incorporate it into the book.

So if you want to know where I’m at with a given project, just scroll down! I update daily. Want your own super cool progress meter? Check it out here. 

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