Out of Excuses Anthology


Season nine of Writing Excuses had more amazing episodes than I could summarize. They went into depth on each of the prongs for three prong character development. They had guest speakers. You should listen to the entire season.

But this season, I have to talk about the Writing Excuses Anthology. Each podcaster brainstormed a short story on the podcast (technically that happened in season 8). They wrote those shorts then edited them during a podcast in season 9. The anthology was then sold with transcripts of the podcasts and their edited drafts as well as the final product. Great stories from great authors and an in depth look at what editing looks like.

You can buy the anthology on Amazon here, or you can do what I did as my Christmas gift and get the hardback edition off Brandon Sanderson’s website, and get it autographed here (plus you get the ebook free anyway).

This is a fantastic inside look for any aspiring writer. As a writer myself, I can confirm this is exactly what brainstorming and revising looks like. At least in my writer’s group.

Now for a completely unrelated, friendly reminder. Aphrodite is still on sale for .99 cents! Be sure to check it out.


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