Tonsillectomy Day 4 and 5

Was way too busy to write yesterday, and not much has changed. For the most part my throat feels sore, like a sore throat, but if I try to chew anything, talk to much, or like clean the whole house, I can feel it. I’ve gone back and forth the last two days between not taking my pain meds at all, and the maximum dosage. It just really depends on how easy I’m taking it.

Eating is harder than it was before so I guess my throat is in a new stage of recovery. My ears have hurt every now and then, but at the first sign of ache I microwave my little heat pack and by the time it cools down, I’m fine.

I’ve been super lucky. Friday I was able to drive my daughter to school, visit a friend, deal with some friend drama, and host my daughters first spend the night. Today I’m packing to go to California tomorrow. I’m able to do it all, but I’m looking forward to just resting on Monday. Monday will mark one week from my surgery. I know I’ve been super lucky.

So, I’m back to regular writing unless something crazy comes up. My only other is advice is seriously, don’t chew, it’s not worth it. Mushy, mushy foods. It’s not that the food is hard or soft (though I haven’t tried hard foods) it’s that kind of sideways chewing motion that rips into your throat a bit. I knew it was a mistake as soon as I took a bite and I’m still paying for it. But otherwise I’m doing great.

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